Fellow Investors and Wholesalers. REA has an Exclusive relationship with Hubzu.com and its parent company Altisource.

Through these relationships we are now able to provide the FIRST truly NATIONAL Dispo Platform in the industry.

Now wholesalers throughout the country are able to joint venture with us and get access to this amazing platform that will allow you to Dispo a property in any state, on a national auction platform to generate the highest offers. Read on to sign up and find out more about the National Dispo Platform. Once you fill out the brief form below you will be contacted by a REA Success Manager within 48 hours to schedule an on-boarding meeting.

Application to get access to our National Dispo Platform

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NOT ONLY will your wholesale property be marketed on the Hubzu auction platform, but your wholesale property will receive direct Email and SMS marketing and advertising to the most likely buyers based the Hubzu’s Data Science Team’s analysis of all their buyers data. So you GET exposure on one of the nations largest real estate auction sites and direct to buyer/investor marketing. This is a very powerful combination.

Future Plans

We are working with Hubzu to continue to bring this Dispo Platform to the next level.

Here is what is coming next …

  1. We are in the process of building individual investor portals so you will have your own private webpage portal to manage all the properties you are marketing on the platform.
  2. Now for the REALLY BIG up-coming enhancement. Within the next few months not only will you be able to get your wholesale properties in front of millions of investors on the Hubzu auction platform, but your wholesale property will also be put on the MLS in the market your wholesale property is in.

    This will give you ACCESS to TWO very important types of buyers that Wholesalers do not have access to.
    – Wholetail Buyers – These are buyers that are looking for a home to live in and are looking for a discounted property that they can customize to make their dream home. These buyers are not looking to make a 15% ROI on the property like a flipper, and they pay top dollar.
    – Newer but capitalized investors – These buyers are newer investors, that have money, but have not done enough deals to really dial in their numbers and often overpay.