We are Hiring

As of January 2022 – Real Estate Acquisitions Co. has two open positions for Acquisitions Specialists. Our Acquisitions team is fully staffed in Northern NJ. We are looking for great people to join our team that live in Mercer County or other Central or Southern NJ Counties. Please do not apply if you live in Middlesex County or North.

Acquisitions Specialist for Real Estate Investment Company – Work From Home

If you’re a Lion, I am talking to you. If you’re anything less than stellar, please stop reading.

My name is Shawn Macedo and I am a Managing Partner of Real Estate Acquisitions Co & Swift Home Buyers Co. We are one of the most strategic and successful house buying companies in the state of New Jersey. Our team of LIONS is looking for another LION to add to our pride. If you find yourself under-utilized, under-trained, under-challenged, and you want to run towards an amazing opportunity, read on.

I’m talking $100K-300K a year working out of your home office. If you find yourself being “The BEST” at whatever you do, I’m speaking to you. Don’t waste your time if your just looking for another job, this isn’t it. This is an opportunity to FINALLY make the money that matches your work ethic, talent, and desire to succeed.

Our company buys between 5-12 houses a month. That’s right, we buy houses with homeowners who need a real solution to a real estate problem. You will be assisting the company in the acquisition of the property, working directly with sellers

If you have what it takes, you will focus only on the 80/20, that’s the 20% of activity that will give you 80% of your results. Your commute? Gone. Useless meetings? Gone. Bureaucracy and sensitivity training? Not on our team. This place is different. It’s awesome. Forget about being micromanaged. Attack the leads, nurture them, convert, and you will have the ultimate combination of freedom and income.

Oh and by the way, you will also learn how to legally and ethically slash your tax bill, invest your commissions/profit share in rentals, hard money loans, and flips so your money can start earning money while you sleep.

Our team is here to pour leadership, knowledge, love, and gratitude to our group of Lions. You will be trained by the owners personally, along with a slew of the best training programs known to man. You will have support from the owners whenever you need help closing a deal. You will get a database of leads to start calling immediately, plus fresh HOT leads delivered to you every day. You can even have appointments set for you, once you prove yourself. We are a very committed company and currently are investing around 20k a month in lead generation.

Sound Awesome? Good. Let’s see if you have what it takes. We are taking on 2 more LIONS immediately. You don’t need house buying, real estate, or sales experience. But don’t even think about applying unless you have a habit outshining everybody everywhere you go.

A couple of requirements: This is full-time. You must have a dedicated home office free of distractions and noise. You must be committed to bettering yourself every day. You must be accountable and hold others accountable. You must radiate gratitude and seize the opportunity. You must be open to being mentored and mentoring others. Finally, you must have courage, remember you’re a LION, and lions eat.

If you interested in applying, fill out the form and we will call or email you back: https://forms.office.com/r/dT79VPEGZB